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Dough & Ingredients

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Our dough is a blend of a high grade tip 00 flour from Naples, we add mineral salts from Himalaya, premium award winning olive oils from the picual olives from Spain & sweetened with a touch of organic honey. These ingredients are left to ferment for 72 hours before our dough is ready to go.

Picual olives

The Picual, also known as Marteña or Lopereña, is an olive cultivar from Spain. Picual olives are the most commonly grown olive today for olive oil production, with production centered in the Spanish province of Jaén.One of the most important benefits of Picual olive oil is its stability and resistance to oxidation, rancidity and high temperatures. Thanks to its high oleic acid content, which reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises good cholesterol (HDL).

Pink Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt contains more than 80 minerals and elements, including potassium, iron and calcium. All of these minerals aid our body’s natural detoxification process and promote the removal of bacteria.

It contains less sodium than processed table salt and studies have shown to lower blood pressure.

Table salt is highly processed and contains fewer minerals and more sodium than Himalayan salt does. The reason we use Himalayan salt, your body has an easier time processing it because it doesn’t require as much water to clear out the excess sodium as it would have if you had consumed table salt, which in return gives our dough a unique flavour and eases on the digestion.

Detroit Pizza

The pizza was developed in 1946 at Buddy's Rendezvous, at the corner of Six Mile Road and Conant Street in Detroit, the motor city pizza was created, cooked in a blue steel pan giving its unique structure and design. We have taken that idea and progressed it using a specific blend of cheese “our very own motor city blend” giving its unique crown “crust”. The development to create this pizza each day is not only an art but a true dedication from our chefs to create the perfect Detroit pizza.

Ingredients & Oven


Mórcon Ibérico chorizo bellota - Sourced farm that has limited production in the area of Salamanca, where the pigs have been only fed on acorns to give its distinctive flavour.

Locally sourced meats - Sourced from local farmers, our beef comes from New farm Cwm caddy, pork from upper brook farm and chicken from Highbury, Whitchurch.

All veg is freshly bought and hand picked by the local greengrocers that get delivered to us daily in return supporting and sourcing and supplying British micro herbs and fruit and vegetables.

Tomato Sauce

Our tomato sauce is unique and gets prepared daily to maintain that extra freshness. It’s a special blend of bitter sweet tomatoes, we use 3 different types from Vegas Bajas in Spain, and the other two from small artisan farms (names of Artisan farms, if possible) in Naples and Puglia. We then cook these in house to give the perfect combination of flavours for our pizza.

Our oven “Bruce”

When Bruce was built we must say the sheer size of it for the kitchen was gigantic, this was because we knew we needed a specific oven to cook our pizzas at 400 degrees.

We aim to maintain that heat with a beautiful flame of using birch wood to give the pizza that extra smokey flavour and allowing the dough to puff up and bubble offering the perfect crust. Little fun fact if we left the oven after service for 7 days it would still be 200 degrees in there, I know because I tried.

Cooking the Pizza

Once we have proofed our dough for 72 hours under specific cold temperatures, we let the dough proof for 1 - 2 hours at room temperature. This allows the dough to become elastic and flexible which allows the air to go into the dough giving it that light, fluffy and delicious crust. The pizza needs to be in the oven at no less of 380 degree and we always aim to maintain a “lick” of flame to really help the moisture inside the dough to technically explode giving you the perfect pizza.


We pride ourselves for natural, local and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Sourcing ingredients that give back to the community, are farmed in a responsible, sustainable way and which can be fully traced to their place of origin adds value for customers and perfectly fits their demand for provenance.


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